Welcome, new resident!  We're sure you have many questions about services provided by Public Works.  Consult the tabs on this page and the FAQs section to learn more.

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How do I start garbage pickup? Please bring cash or check for $75 to City Hall at 918 N.E. Main Street. 


How do I start recycling?Register at City Hall and pay a one time $25 registration fee.


How do I dispose of electronic waste (i.e. computers, televisions, printers, etc.)? Bring these items to Public Works, 110 Woodside Park Drive.


Does Public Works remove construction debris? Construction debris (cabinets, windows, doors, lumber, brick, blocks, etc) is not collected curbside. 


What is the holiday schedule?See Holiday Collection Schedule Tab.

Public Works

Why recycle?  The average household garbage may contain as much as 40% reclaimable items.  South Carolinians land-fill over 3 million tons of garbage or 4.2 pounds per person per day! Recycling helps to conserve natural resources, energy, and saves money.  


We provide curb-side garbage collection at no extra cost. Residents must have a CITY APPROVED container before 

any collection will be made.

Cans cost $75 and may be purchased at City Hall.


We provide curb-side collection of yard waste, leaves, tree limbs, and provide a collection site to take Christmas Trees for recycling.

Keep all items to be collected away from anything which might obstruct collection access. 


Public Works can assist developers in sewer tap location, determining available sewer capacity, plan review, encroachment permits, inspections of sewer taps, etc.



We strive to keep our City streets in good repair.  If you should discover a pothole or other repair that is needed click HERE to enter your service request or contact Public Works office at 967-9531.

Street Signs: The Public Works Department installs street name and stop signs on all City streets.  If you should see a sign that is damage or missing, click HERE to enter your service request or contact Public Works office at 967-9531.

We own, operate and maintain more than 95 miles of sanitary sewer!  However, we only maintain the sewer mains. The lateral service lines which run from homes and business to the main lines are owned and maintained by the property owner.


Sewer Rehab Program 

Click on this map to view the progress in our sewer rehabilitation program.