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As of September 1, 2016, ACE Environmental began collecting garbage, recycling, yard waste and junk under contract by the City.  As of July 1, 2017, City employees resumed collection of loose brush and  junk items.  To view the Startup Package by ACE, click HERE.

FAQ'S concerning contracted Sanitation Services:

Q Will I have to pay for garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection?

A: Ace will collect one approved garbage and one recycle container from residences at no charge. If needed, you may request an additional garbage and/or recycle container at a cost of $36 each annually. 

Q: Where will I request a new garbage or recycle roll cart?

A: You will make your request for a new roll cart to Ace.  Ace will deliver the cart to you.

Q: Can I take my roll cart(s) with me when I move?

A: Carts that are delivered after July 1, 2016 will belong to Ace. If you have any of these carts, 

     you will need to inform Ace before you move so they can make arrangements to pick the

    cart(s) up.

Q: Will the day my garbage, recycling, and yardwaste is collected change?

A: Following certain holidays, service will run 1 day later.  See Holiday Schedule for these  


Q: Will leaves, grass, and brush still be collected?

A: Yes; however,  leaves and grass will have to be bagged.  All brush to be collected by Ace,          including limbs, will need to be tied and bundled.

Q  Why should I bag leaves and grass?

A: Bagging leaves and grass helps our community in several ways:

  • Leaves and grass will no longer wash down storm drains, clogging them
  • Leaves will no longer blow to neighboring properties from piles along the street
  • Bags will be more uniform and orderly, no eyesores or smell from decaying grass and leaves
  • Bags can more quickly be collected by sanitation workers on a weekly basis

Q: Why should I bundle brush?

  • Bundled brush will be more uniform and orderly, not sprawled all along the street
  • Bundled brush will be more quickly collected by sanitation workers and loaded in a garbage type truck
  • Yards will no longer be dug up by the claws on brush grabber trucks
  • Sanitation workers will be less prone to injury to eyes, bee stings, snake bites, etc,.

Q: How do I bundle brush?

A:  The best way to bundle brush is:

  • Cut about 10' length of 10 ply twisted cotton string or twine (best) and place it on ground
  • Stack pile of brush on string (no more than 5' long x 24" diameter)
  • Pull string up and over pile
  • Securely tie

Q: Will the City collect brush?

A: Yes, beginning July 1, 2017, the City will resume collection of unbundled brush.  At first this

     will be done on a limited basis on a call in basis until new equipment is acquired. Brush

     collection will be limited to 2 cubic yards ( about 1 pickup truck load) per week.  

Q: When will yard waste be collected?

A: Yard waste will be collected weekly.

Q: Will there be a limit on how much yard waste is collected weekly?

A: Yes, yard waste will be limited to 2 cubic yards (about 1 pickup truck load) per week. This will ensure every residence is served each week.

Q: Will Ace or the City collect yard waste generated by contracted service providers like lawn

     service companies?

A: No, the contractor must dispose of these materials at the public landfill.

Q: Will Ace collect building materials, tires, and/or electronics?

A: No.  These items will need to be taken to a county recycling convenience center such as the

     one on Hipps Road off Harrison Bridge Road below Target or the Twin Chimneys landfill.

Q: Will Ace collect appliances, furniture, and other large bulk items?

A: Yes, large bulk items such as sofas and washers/dryers, will be limited to one item collected

     per week if less than 50#.  Other bulk item collection must be scheduled with Ace.  In some      cases, Ace will not collect refrigerators and gas appliances.  Call Ace if you have any of      

     these items to dispose of before placing them curbside.

Q: Will the City collect bulk items?

A: Beginning July 1, 2017, the City will resume the collection of bulk items.  To have these  

     materials collected, please call Public Works at 967-9531.

Q: What about holiday collection.

A: Ace will not collect this Labor Day nor Thanksgiving Day. All collections will be a day later,

     including on Saturday.

As of March 1, 2016, glass will no longer be recycled. Please place glass in your garbage not your recycling carts.  

Map of new collection routes, clickHERE

Holiday Closings: (see Holiday Collection Schedule tab for garbage collection holiday schedule)

Labor Day - September 4

Veteran's Day - November 10

Thanksgiving Day - November 24

Friday after Thanksgiving Day - November 25

Christmas Eve - Closed on December 25

Christmas Day - Closed on December 26

New Year's Day - Closed on January 1

Martin Luther King Birthday - January 16

Hazard Mitigation Plan 

FEMA requires all States, Counties and Municipalities to have a Hazard Mitigation Plan in place in order to receive pre-disaster and post disaster funds.  These funds help mitigate damage to life and property at the time of a natural disaster.  Click the buttons above to view a copy of the plan.  


  1. WOODSIDE MILLS SIDEWALKS: Final easements for the new sidewalks to be installed in the Woodside Mills area are being obtained from property owners. This fall the project should be put out for bid to contractors. Construction to begin in 2018. This project is funded with CDBG funds through the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority.
  2. CULVERT HEADWALL REPLACEMENTS: Engineers are designing replacement headwalls for culverts on creeks that cross Hunter's Hill Road and Powderhorn Road.  Have applied to SCDHEC for permits to construct.  Half the cost of this project is funded by the Greenville County Legislative Delegation. Work projected to begin in February 2018.
  3. ANNUAL STREET PAVING: Paving work has begun on Tamwood Circle and Eastview Drive. 


Sewer Rehab Program:


The sewer rehab program is in progress.

  1. Seven (7) Creek crossings are being upgraded with a grant from FEMA to make them more resistant to flood damage.  Six crossing upgrades are completed.
  2. Sewer pipes off Almond Drive and in Tebblewood Drive are being replaced.