Public Works

City of Simpsonville

Yard Waste/Junk

See Ace Startup Packet HERE or Solid Waste Management Policy HERE for more details.

​​Basic Rules to Follow:

Keep items to be collected away from anything that might obstruct collection access:

  • telephone poles
  • mailboxes
  • flower beds
  • trees, etc.
  • do not park vehicles in front of items to be collected

Place all items on the CURB LINE, the area nearest the curb, not in the street or on the sidewalk

Yard waste, yard debris, leaves, grass clippings should NOT be placed curbside in cardboard boxes

Yard waste, yard debris, leaves and grass clippings must be placed in plastic or paper lawn/leaf bags (Ace will collect only 13 bags per week)  

Do NOT place materials to be collected on top or near the opening of a drainage catch basin.  Never place materials in a drainage ditch

Construction Debris:

Under no circumstances is construction debris (cabinets, windows, doors, lumber, brick, blocks, etc.) collected curbside. 

Debris/Large Items:

Residential Customers Only

Schedule: Normally collected weekly. However, the time between collections by be longer due to unforeseen circumstances, unusually heavy periods, or holidays.

Examples: Non-organic material too large to fit inside a roll-a-waste container:

  • old furniture- 50# limit and only one item collected per week, call Ace if you have more than one item or a heavier item
  • appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators) Note: Refrigerators will only be collected if freon is first removed.
  • water heaters

Place materials to be collected within five feet of the curb line but not in the street or on the sidewalk.  Always separate different types of materials into separate piles.

NOTE:  Toasters, fans, vacuum cleaners, small electrical heaters and other small electrical appliances will be disposed in your garbage.  Separate trucks collect large items.

Paint cans will not be collected. These must be taken to a Greenville County Convenience Center or Twin Chimneys Landfill.  The closest convenience center is on Hipps Road off Harrison Bridge Road behind Target.

Don't let your old appliances be a death trap forchildren.  Please remove doors from all refrigerators and freezers before placing them near the curb line!

Materials NOT Accepted:

  • Tires 
  • Lead acid batteries OF ANY SIZE (automobile, motorcycle, lawnmower, etc.)
  • Any chemical liquid (paint, thinners, anti-freeze, etc.)
  • Construction materials left by contractors or homeowners
  • Roofing shingles
  • Hazardous waste OF ANY KIND
  • Dirt
  • Concrete, asphalt, bricks, blocks, rocks
  • Logs (more than 6" in diameter, more than 5' long
  • Steel barrels (55 gallon drums) can be picked up onlyif both ends are removed

Yard Waste:

Residential customers only

Schedule: Normally collected weekly.  However, the time between collections may be longer due to unforeseen circumstances, unusually heavy periods or holidays. 

Example: Anything organic

  • grass clippings, leaves, flowers
  • brush smaller than 6" in diameter, less than 5' long
  • hedge trimmings, etc.

Place these materials in bags, behind the curb line. Limited to 13 bags per week.

Leaves and Trimmings:

Leaves and trimmings must be bagged year-round.  Small quantities of leaves and trimmings may be placed with your garbage in the roll cart.

Please place leaves in bags at curb line.  DO NOT put leaves in the street, on the sidewalk, in front of or in drainage catch basins.  DO NOT mix with other materials such as limbs.  Do not place in cardboard boxes.

Tree Limbs:

Residential Customers Only

Schedule:  Normally collected weekly.  However, the time between collections may be longer due to unforeseen circumstances, unusually heavy periods or holidays.

What Ace will pick up:

  • tree and shrub limbs, stumps, or logs between 1" and 6" in diameter and no longer than 5' in length
  • any limbs larger than these sizes are considered tree trunks and WILL NOT be handled by Ace
  • limbs smaller than the sizes should be placed in a separate pile, and bundled to be collected as Yard Waste

Christmas Tree Recycling:

Christmas trees can be disposed of curb-side but must be cut to lengths not exceeding 5'.