Public Works

City of Simpsonville


Is there a mosquito control program available?  Yes! Mosquito control is provided in Simpsonville by Greenville County from June - September. Call 864-467-5988 to request this service and leave a detailed message. Simpsonville also treats catch basins and ditches that hold water during Spring and Summer with mosquito larvicides which are environmentally safe and safe for humans and pets.

Do I pay a fee to connect to the City sewer or cut City streets?Yes!

Sewer taps. All new connections to City sewer must pay sewer tap fees.  These are:

  • Residential - $525
  • Commercial - $1,025

Street cuts. Whenever public or private entities encroach upon City streets, curbs, rights of way or easements, and where the encroachment involves the cutting of streets or curbs, a STREET CUT PERMIT must be obtained at City Hall.

  • Fee - $500
  • Click HERE to go to the City Forms page, select ENCROACHMENTS/STREET CUT PERMIT FORM. Complete the form and take it to City Hall. ‚Äč
  • Inspections - All utility work performed within the City Limits must be inspected and approved.  For inspection, call 967-9531.

How do I file a service request?  Please click on the "CONTACT" tab and enter your service request.

How do I report a street light out?  Contact Duke Energy at 1-800-POWERON or click HERE to report the outage on their web page. 

How do I report a pothole, drainage issue, etc. along a State road (NE and SE Main St., E .Curtis St., E and W Georgia Road, Fairview Road, Harrison Bridge Road, Garrison Road, Jonesville Road, Grandview Drive)? Contact the SCDOT maintenance department at 241-1224.  

How do I report a traffic light out?  Contact the SCDOT traffic signal department at 241-1117.