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City of Simpsonville

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  1. Sanitary sewer location.  Click on the map at right to view the Simpsonville Sanitary Sewer System.  Zoom in to view lateral lines.
  2. Preliminary Sanitary Sewer Agency Review Form required.  Prior to obtaining a building permit you must secure written approval for acceptance of sewer from new home, business, or commercial development.  You may click HERE to download a PSSAR Form.  Complete the top portion of the form and return to Public Works at 110 Woodside Park Drive, Simpsonville, SC  29681.  You may also fax the form to (864) 962-0700 or email to We will complete the bottom portion of the form and send it back to you.  You may then take the completed form to City Hall to obtain your permit.  NOTE:  We strongly urge you to make this request as early in the development process as possible to ensure there are no unnecessary delays to your project.  Forms are only valid for 6 months then you must obtain a new one.
  3. Plan Review. All plans for commercial construction and residential subdivisions must be reviewed by our office prior to obtaining an agreement from the City Public Works to own, operate, and maintain streets and sewer. Please submit two (2) copies of the full plan set. Subdivision developers are also required to submit plans electronically in pdf format.  Furthermore, as-built plans for sewer must be submitted both in hardcopy form and electronically in CAD format.  Send electronic files to:
  4. Sewer tap fees.  All new connections to City Sanitary Sewer must pay sewer tap fees at City Hall.  These fees are: Residential = $525; Commercial = $1,025.
  5. Street Cut Permit.  Whenever public or private entities encroach upon City streets, curbs, rights-of-way or easements, and where the encroachment involves the cutting of streets or curbs, a Street Cut Permit must be obtained at a cost of $500 each.  Click HERE to obtain a form.  Complete the form and take it to City Hall with your payment to obtain the permit.
  6. Inspections.  All utility work performed within the City Limits must be inspected and approved by our inspector.  Contact 967-9531 to coordinate an inspection.  
  7. As-built Drawings.  All utility construction must submit as-built drawings, both hard copy and electronically in CAD format to:  
  8. Business License.  Anyone conducting business within the City Limits must have a current Simpsonville Business License.  Licenses may be obtained at City Hall, 118 NE Main Street, Simpsonville.  You may need to provide a copy of your current SC State Contractor's License.
  9. Road and Street standards.  All roads and streets constructed within the City of Simpsonville must adhere to the Greenville County standards.  Please click HERE to access the Greenville County Road standards, Article 8.